Blue Lights for Tow Trucks

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This has hit the news again!  After many tow operators and trucks have been hit at roadside it’s time something changes!Tow Truck AMA Blue Lights

Brad Rutherford, MLA for Leduc-Beaumont in Alberta hbacks the newest verison on the proposed bill.  The AMA and others have been calling for this change for many years.  Similar Bills have been proposed but didn’t quite make the agenda to be completed.

Tuber Towing alone had two vehicles hit while working at roadside this past winter.  Fortunately there were no injuries, just some hurt ego’s and some severly damaged vehicles.

🥺 I. Support. 🥺 We have lost enough loves already. Something needs to change…” – TuberTaylor

It’s amazing how many tow operators respond with “I Love Helping People” when asked why they do this job.  As scary as it can be, these amazing individuals just want to help people in need.  There’s no reason they should be also risking their lives to do this.  It such simple ideology just to SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER.

Many changes have come throughout the industry, and many steps have been taken to improve safety in the industry such as:

  • Integrating with MAPS (Safety Cloud, HAAS Alert) software – Tuber Towing Alberta Exclusive
  • Sending secondary units to ‘block’ traffic while the primary operator provides the services
  • Complete scene securement with Traffic control and construciton similar signage
  • Requesting local Police Agencies attendance
  • Refusing the high risk call all together

We hope that the Bill gets passed and we can move forward with further improvements.  Though Blue Lights won’t be a complete solution it is a start and an effort to change.  Other provinces have made these changes and have bene in operation for a few years.  There has been great improvement from such changes.

Alberta Bill 207 – Traffic Safety (Tow Truck Warning Lamps) Ammendment Act, 2022

Below is the local story from Global News Edmonton.