Alberta Recession…?

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For years Alberta was known for the abundance of work and lack of employees mainly driven by the oil and gas industry.

For the past two years Alberta has put the brakes on, price of oil dropped, the CDN Dollar dropped, the economy slowed down and many Albertan’s felt it.  Many people who moved to Alberta from other provinces have since returned.  It is apparent that most of these individuals have had the time to find steady work closer to home and likely become content.

Though Oil hasn’t spiked to any crazy amount it is very apparent that Alberta is struggling less and less everyday. Almost feels like we are in the green.

Both CBC and Global have recently released reports* indicating that Alberta may be emerging from the Recession, from a towing and recovery perspective Tuber agrees! The bailiff and reposession related work has slowed down for us, but the new vehicle delivery is picking up!  Not to mention we are starting to have a hard time finding employees, even though we are willing to TRAIN! Now HIRING!

We have already started to struggle to find employees to fill our full time positions.  We have heard from our friends in the oil & gas industry that the work is there, the money is there, but the people aren’t.  We are slowly working our way back into the sense of Alberta in 07′.  More jobs than people!

Did we mention we are hiring?

Horay for Alberta, people are getting back to work, money is being made!

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  1. Adam

    It’s seems to be every where in the world economy collapse . But I think Canadian Gov take serious notes and get in control on most of them. any way you share great piece of information.

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