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Tuber Towing’s Tow Operators have another tool in their back pocket to help them get home to their families!

Emergency Vehicle Ahead MAPS Notification

Even with flashing lights, sirens, and other warning equipment, drivers frequently fail to slow down or move over for emergency responders and other road workers

Tuber Towing is proud to announce, we are the FIRST Towing company in ALBERTA to have their vehicles connected to this service.

Apple Maps, Waze Maps, and Chrysler vehicles will notify drivers of the hazard/emergency vehicle ahead!  It’s only a matter of time before Google gets on board.  Within the next week the service will be active.  

This is just another Safety Feature to help protect the team on the side of the road!  At Tuber, we take great pride in providing the safest experience for our customers.  We encourage all other towing companies to jump on board with this ASAP.

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