10 Part Series – The Importance of Hiring a Towing Company is Trained in Traffic Control

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The Importance of Hiring a Towing Company that is Trained in Traffic Control

This is the fifth artice of our 10 part series, traffic control.  When you break down on the side of the highway you are AT RISK the entire time you are there.  When the tow truck arrives does not mean that you are safe.  Tow truck operators are killed at roadside every 15 days in North America according to AAA.  When you call a towing company, if you are on a highway one of the first things the call taker or dispatcher will say to you is, “I’ll get our traffic control heading your way.”  It is imperative that the towing company invests in their operators and safety by ALWAYS using traffic control when working on a roadway!

Traffic control on Edmonton highway for a major incident

To take a minute to bang our drum, Tuber Towing is proud that we have multiple traffic control units on our fleet and dedicated staff members to ensure both our customers and operators are safe at roadside.  We have been unfortunate enough to have trucks hit on the side of the road.  It is becuase of our safety standards and investment in traffic control that fortunately we have not had injuries from these roadside incidents.

That’s enough about us, lets get into it!

First and foremost, having trained staff members in traffic control can help ensure the safety of the public. Especially when it comes to heavy or truck towing, these jobs often require operating in or near live lanes of traffic, and having someone on site who can control traffic can help prevent accidents and ensure the safety of everyone involved.  Having team members who operate traffic control units on a regular basis can help the company regularly review their process’ and procedures to improve thier service.  Ultimately protecting you, and the public.

Secondly, having a trained staff member in traffic control can help expedite the towing process. When you need a tow truck, it’s often necessary to block off a portion of the roadway or highway. By having someone on site who can control traffic, the towing company can focus on the job and complete it more quickly and efficiently.  The tow operator knows they don’t have to watch their back knowing they have traffic control on site watching it for them.

Unfortunately, on a regular basis we come across scary, dangerous and unsafe situations existing simply because the right people aren’t making the best decisions. It’s disheartening to see tow operators working ALONE on the side of the highway puting their customers and themselves at great risk.  This really needs to stop and Tuber has plans coming to help make it safer for the entire industry, stay tuned!

Finally, having traffic control can help prevent potential liabilities. If a towing company doesn’t have someone on site to control traffic and something goes wrong, they could be held liable for any damages or injuries that occur. By hiring a company that has trained traffic control people, you can ensure that the company takes safety seriously and is prepared to handle heavy towing jobs safely and efficiently.

In conclusion, hiring a towing company in Edmonton that has trained traffic control flagger people is essential for ensuring the safety of the public, expediting the towing process, and preventing potential liabilities. When it comes to heavy towing, it’s important to hire a company that takes safety seriously and has the necessary resources to handle the job safely and efficiently.