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Over the past couple of months we have been asked this a few times… Why Tuber?  But then we ask right back, WHY TUBER!?  Hear me out.

We Care Highlighted Truck

Why would I want to work for Tuber?

Becuase you want work with a group of people who actually care about each other, like actually though.

Why would I pick Tuber over other companies?

Keep reading and you’ll find out…  Towing companies have tow trucks, but Tuber has People who care!

But WHY would I want to work for Tuber?

Maybe it’s our never ending pursuit of safety and not just the ‘safety boots’ kind of safety, but the kind that Gets YOU back home to your family safely each night!

Seriously, why do I want to work at Tuber?

Okay, well, now I need 10 minutes of your time to tell you about how you’ll have your ups and downs at work, such that you do in life, BUT, each and every day will be different than the day before. You get to work with an amazing team from various backgrounds who show up every day becayse they know they get to help someone who’s having a bad day.  How about the fact that you can be proud of the work you do, the people who are there to support you and the people you work beside.

Have you every met someone through work who you can be happy for?  Have you ever got a tear in your eye of happiness when you heard about a co worker getting engaged?

Working at Tuber is a life, it’s a life that you don’t have to take home with you, it’s a life you can share with your friends and family, it’s a life that can help you stay healthy, it’s a life that will make you want to get up every morning.

Tuber provides a great experience, but from a customer perspective as well as an ’employee’ perspective.  That perspective should be the same everywhere, from either point of view.  Every interaction with Tuber provides opportunity for happiness, education and an experience you may not usally experience.  I mean, hopefull you never NEED to call Tuber, but you can know we’ll be there for you.

Tuber isn’t just a Towing Company, Tuber Towing is the company you call when you are stopped in your tracks.  Tuber is the company that picks you up when you’re down.  Tuber is there for you… “We Care” is on our trucks for a reason.

In the greater Edmonton Region, Tuber Towing has tow trucks, Tuber ALSO has people who want to help you when you’re in need.  Come work for Tuber, call Tuber when you’re in a bind.  Tuber is the beginning of a community to helps each other.  Join us today, as a customer or as a team member.  Let us prove it to you!


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  1. John

    Think this sums up the “Tuber Mindset” that I have encountered since joining the team 2 years ago. The whole organisation is filled with people who epitomise professionalism and the desire to help others. Very proud to work alongside some very talented humans.

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