A Powerful Story of Strength, Vulnerability, and Mental Health

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Parkland County Chamber of Commerce event
Recently, I had the privilege of attending a Great Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce event where a member of the RCMP shared his inspiring story. His courageous message about mental health, the importance of opening up, and the power of vulnerability struck a deep chord with everyone present.

Being that it is Mental Health week here in Canada, the timing of this heart felt story couldn’t be better.  The officer had the audience in tears, both from laughter and empathy.

This gentleman, our friend , a man with a strong presence and a history of serving his country, has worn many hats throughout his life. He has been a firefighter, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and now, a police officer. Despite his many accomplishments and brave demeanor, he has faced his own mental health challenges and was not afraid to share them with us.

During his time in Afghanistan with the army, he experienced a life-changing event when the vehicle he was in struck an IED. The explosion tragically killed all but one of his fellow passengers filling his body with shrapnel that he still deals with today. Through his heartfelt story, he emphasized that everyone faces their own unique battles, and no one’s trauma is more significant than another’s.

His vulnerability, especially as a strong and dominant figure, serves as a powerful reminder that it is okay for men to express their emotions and sometimes even “ugly cry.” By opening up about his experiences, he encourages others to do the same and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

As a Champion for the Buddy Up program, the Constable spoke highly of the initiative and the importance of having someone to lean on during tough times. In his workplace, he is that person for his colleagues – a safe space where they can reach out without judgment, stress, or fear of losing their job. He stressed the importance of employers supporting their employees in times of crisis, whether physical or mental, and maintaining confidentiality and respect.

In addition to speaking about the Buddy Up program, he also referenced the Mental Health Colour Scale. We will delve deeper into this topic later this week, providing more insights and information.

This man’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the importance of addressing mental health and suicide prevention. Stay tuned for more posts later this week, as we share more about the Buddy Up program and the Mental Health Colour Scale. Let us all learn from his story and strive to create a more understanding and supportive environment for those around us.

A shout out to this guy, he knows who he is.  A proud father and a solid individual that anyone would be lucky to be able to refer to this guys as ‘Friend.’  Cheers to you and don’t ever hesitate to reach out if ya need.  You’re part of the Tuber Family now!

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