Blue Light (Tow Truck) Alberta Permit Information

HEAR YE HEAR YE! – Blue Lights Start Tonight! (Permit Information Below)

Blue Lights on Tow Trucks

Well it’s here, the moment many have been waiting for.  Recently we posted about the Pilot Project and how we plan on operating within assumed rules as wehadn’t received any document.  It’s D day (Pilot starts tonight at midnight) and the Government of Alberta sent out a bulletin to their enforcement agencies as well as produced a Registrars Exemption.  We couldn’t be happier to have some guidance and provide some level of measure for the Towing Industry.

Our compliance team spent a few hours reviewing the documentation this morning and communcating with the Alberta Central Permits office to verify the information.  Feel free to contact them for other permit needs, but everything else you need should be provided below.  We will continue to communicate and relay informatoin so throughout this pilot for both the public and industry reference.

What you need to know as a member of the public.

Tow Trucks will be running Amber OR Amber/Blue lights on roadways in Alberta for the next year.  You are required to slow to 60 km/h when passing them on a roadway.  We would ask you pass us as if we are a family member, the slower the speed the better. “Slow Down Move Over”

As a ‘Tower’:

There are requirements stated by the Government of Alberta that we must follow to operate under the ‘exemption’ for the blue light pilot in Alberta.  Those requirements/conditions are:

  1. They can only be used by a tow truck, or support vehicle while stopped on the highway and being used ot help a person repair, start or move their vehicle.
  2. You must have Amber AND Blue lights working in Tandem.
  3. Blue lights cannot be used alone
  4. Lights must be complaint with SAE Standards
  5. Lights must be mounted on the roof and controlled from inside the cab
  6. You must have an indicator showing the lights are on when activated in the cab

It’s pretty clear and straight forward.  We commend the Alberta Government for making this clear for all of those involved and addressing concerns previously brought up.

Tow Truck AMA Blue Lights

Where do I get my Permit?

You do not need to spend any money.  You are effectively covered by the exemption as long as you meet the conditions listed on the Exemption.  However, we do recommend printing and keeping a copy of the the exemption inside each vehicle that’s operating with blue lights.  It is a good practice to have a copy of the exemption readily available should you want to reference the material for any purpose.

You can find the ‘Permit’ on the Alberta Government Website or for ease of use, here is a direct link.


If you are interested, a copy of the bulletins sent out to the various police agencies can be found HERE as well.

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  1. John

    This is clearly an important step in the safety of people within the industry and a boost for public safety at recovery/tow scenes. This pilot project is hopefully a step toward legislation protecting Driver/Operators and the general public, placing emphasis on the personnel who carry out these often dangerous tasks as what is effectively support to the emergency services. Very pleased this has happened.

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