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Things To Do: Social Isolation Edition

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In light of the COVID-19 situation, we’ve turned our brains into an at home rescue remedy which brings us to:

The Social Isolation Survival Guide: a list of family fun and relaxing activities you can enjoy safely



Things To Do at Home

Meditation | A great habit to start or pick back up in order to bring calm to your life, especially at a time like this. If you need some extra guidance to get started, try a meditation app

Take a Free Virtual Class | Just because schools are closed doesn’t mean you can’t learn! Check out some cool online classes to expand your mind

Online Mobile Games | Team up with or challenge your friends with these online multiplayer mobile games

COVID-19 Podcast | Learn more about Covid-19 through an interesting and highly informative podcast episode (1 Hour long)

Learn to Cook Something New | Check out these 30 minute recipes for quick, delicious meals

Learn a New Language on Duolingo | Ever wanted to learn Spanish or French or Mandarin, but never had the time? Well, now you do! Try Duolingo and learn something new

Virus-Related Movies to Watch | Not tired of the pandemic drama yet? Here are 5 virus-related movies you can enjoy from the safety of your couch

Syncplay | Watch a movie virtually with your friends or relatives on Syncplay

Cocktail Party! | Play house bartender and create homemade drink concoctions! Turn the remnants of the leftover party booze into cocktails

At Home Workouts | Most gyms are closed, so shake off the pandemic stress off while getting fit at the comfort of home

Board Games | Play some classic board games like Contagion and Pandemic to pass the time!

Visit a Museum | 12 museums that offer virtual tours! *When they’re open

DIY Arts and Crafts | Grab a glue gun, some paper, and try these art projects!

Alberta: History of Your Province | Read up and familiarize yourself on Alberta’s history. Learn about your home land from home for a while.

Random Fun Ideas

  • Closet Overhaul – While you’re inside, go through your closet and host an impromptu fashion show. Or, see what you want to give away to donation companies

  • Got young kids? Build a cozy fort in your living room or have a scavenger hunt

  • Get creative and write – Try some poetry, journal about your feelings, anything!

  • YouTube equals a 2020 karaoke machine. You can Youtube search the karaoke version to your favourite songs, turn it up and go wild!

  • Grab some friends and try some painting while enjoying a glass of your favourite wine!

  • Binge Watch These New Netflix Shows

    • Altered Carbon

    • This is Us

    • Riverdale

    • You

    • Elite

    • The Society

    • Last Man On Earth
    • On My Block

    • Tiger King

Safe Things To Do Outside

Spend Time in Nature | It’s finally getting warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. Check out the top nearby parks and hikes

Bike Ride | Take a leisurely ride along the trails. If you don’t own a bike you can rent through Bike Share programs (bring sanitizer if you do!)

Take Up Outdoor Photography | Up Your Photo Game!

Safety Tips

  • Use these food related services to skip lines and crowds

  • If you need to visit grocery stores, pharmacies or any public indoor spaces, go during off peak hours. Look up stores near you that are open late.

  • Conduct work or personal meetings online: Google HangoutsZoom

  • Basic hygiene tips:

    • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, every time you come inside

    • Do not touch your face and mouth

    • Use hand sanitizer on the go

    • Cover up your coughs and sneezes

    • Follow more safety tips from reliable sources: CDC and WHO