Things Driver’s Shouldn’t Do…


While all drivers understand that they can should never get while travelling while intoxicated, that’s only scratching the top of many dangerous things that drivers can stubbornly or maybe unwittingly do, causing danger to themselves while others. In this blog post, the towing service experts you will come to meet at Tuber Towing will detail the four stuff drivers should NEVER do.

Don’t Wording and Drive
Drivers should certainly not text and drive; in simple fact, a recent 2019 study indicated which a quarter of tall the car accidents in the us were caused by texting along with driving. Drivers that text while behind the wheel are 6 times more likely to buy an accident than even swallowed drivers! Many phones have functions that will disable texting while vehicles are driving – you must activate this function! Or leave the product face down and silent even though driving.

Driving while Intoxicated
This doesn’t just match driving drunk – with weed being legalized and decriminalized in numerous states, many drivers are getting yourself into accidents while under the affect, mistakenly assuming it’s safer when compared with driving drunk. This is not the case, and by driving while ingesting this drug, you are putting yourself plus your fellow motorists in grave hazard!

Don’t Change Clothes While Operating
This should be obvious, nevertheless you’d be surprised. Even removing or putting on a sweatshirt while driving is distracting enough to cause a car accident in merely a couple a few moments. If you must make a new clothing adjustment, just pull over to the side of the road. You should always have your full focus while travelling while you drive.

Don’t Travel When Drowsy
This is the often ignored rule for safe and sound driving, but ignoring it might cause serious accidents. One of the worst auto accidents in the history of the Canada was the consequence of bus driver who fell asleep behind the wheel and rear-ending a semi pickup. Even if you’re not literally falling asleep, if you drive when sleepy or sleepy, your reflexes are going to be slowed down making your vehicle a life threatening danger to yourself and those people around you. If you discover yourself to be super drowsy, pull over and rest before you continue driving.