Need a Tow Truck Tips – The Phone Call #2

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On the phone with your selected towing company and now you’ve asked the questions from the previous post, what next?

“Will you provide a receipt?”
Though you may think this is a common expectation, it is good to ask ahead.  If the answer is ‘no’ that’s a red flag to not continue with this towing company.  Explaining why could take a while so we’ll just say that, if you don’t have proof of a tow, did it ever happen? 

“How long until you arrive?”
Though the way they answer this doesn’t really give much indication about the business.  If it’s a high response time, they are either busy, or don’t have very many operators/trucks.

If they have a low response time, they could be really slow (which happens) or have A LOT of trucks.

Either way, this is more to do with your availability.  If you are in a rush then a lower response time is obviously a good thing!

Next post we’ll talk about why it’s important to ‘vet’ a towing company or to pick one that is vetted.

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    Some Excellent ideas from trusted professionals in the towing business

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