Slow Down Move Over

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This topic is front of mind for anyone working on the roadside. Did you know it is law in Alberta that if you are approaching a emergency vehicle (Tow Truck, Police, Fire, EMS) working on the side of the road that you must either slow to 60km/h or move over a lane. The purpose of this law is to provide a form of safety while the emergency workers complete their tasks so close to moving traffic, also know a live lane.

BC had reported that in a 10 year period over 230 emergency workers were HIT by passing traffic on the side of the highway. Tuber Towing keeps this front of mind in our operators by continually reminding staff, sending a second unit, or a Traffic Unit to any instances where we may be working on the side of the road, an extra set of eyes.

Another way we can all keep this front of mind is by sharing on Social Media and sharing with your friends and family who may not be aware. It becomes that much more risky when weather is involved, and having those follow the law and giving us ‘Room to Work’ makes our lives that much better.

At the end of the day, we want to get home to our families just as much as you do.

Recently Cst. Mike Smith tweeted a ticket in which he wrote to an individual who didn’t follow the Slow Down Move Over Law.

Please, save yourself some money, and more importantly please help us have a safe work environment by following the Slow Down Move Over Law.