Tow Truck Struck at Roadside Edmonton

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Tow Truck Struck at Roadside

A Tuber Towing Truck was Struck Wednesday Evening on Highway 16a outside of Edmonton.

Car Under Tow Truck
Tuber Tow Truck Slow Down Move Over

At approximately 6pm on January 13, 2021, a Tuber Towing Operator was travelling westbound on Highway 16a.  As he passed 231 Street leaving Edmonton,  he noticed an odd light on the roadway a kilometer or two ahead at the top of a hill.  As he started to approach the light on the roadway, he noticed it was a dark vehicle that had become immobilized and it’s occupant was shining a flashlight to warn oncoming traffic that it was blocking the left lane of traffic. The disabled vehicle was stopped perpendicular facing the guardrail he had hit.

As our operator arrived on scene, he activated his emergency lights and parked his truck in the laneway that would protect the immobilized vehicle.  The operator notified dispatch of the situation and that he was going to assist or at least aid in protecting the vehicle as it was in a bad spot.  The operator then exited his truck and made contact with the occupant.  Less than a minute later, during discussion between the operator and the occupant about the situation a dark coloured sedan made contact with the back of the Tuber Tow Unit.  

Car under truck
Tuber Tow Truck Slow Down Move Over

Fortunately our operator, the occupant of the stranded vehicle on the highway, and the two occupants of the vehicle that collided with the tow truck were all unharmed.  The vehicle that hit the back of the tow truck was heavily damaged.

If the Tuber Towing Operator hadn’t stopped for the stranded motorist, they likely would’ve been hit broadside by the same vehicle and potentially killed.  We are extremely thankful that the situation ended the way it did given the circumstances involved. 

As competitive as the industry is, when it comes to traffic safety all the towing operators are a family.  We look out for each other and know it’s not ‘if’ a circumstance such as this will happen, it’s ‘when.’  It is common to find multiple tow trucks working on the side of the highway together, one to perform the task at hand and the other to ‘block’ traffic and provide a safe work area for the working operator.  

From the Entire Towing Industry, we hope that this serves as a learning situation for everyone. Please, please, please follow the laws.  When you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road (Police, Fire, EMS, Tow Truck), SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER.  We want to go home just as much as you do! A few extra seconds in your community means a few more years in our lives.

No charges were laid in this incident.




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  1. Cheryl Berezan

    Sooo happy to hear no one was injured. Scary for sure and how hard is it to SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER???

  2. Martin

    What a bunch of nice people tow truck drivers are looking for there fellows citizens thank God no one was hurting that

  3. Ralph

    be safe out there

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