FREE TOW!? Who doesn’t like FREE?

Get your hands on one of Tuber Towing’s very own FREE TOW giveaway cards!

Get your card, visit us online & ENTER & WIN!
You can win up to a FREE TOW!

​Every card is a guaranteed winner!

The next chance to get your giveaway card is at the 2019 GROVE CRUISE!

Hope to see you there 😉


*​Contest conditions apply for SPECIAL OFFER.  You must be a Canadian Resident, be able to prove age of majority when claiming prize.  In order to claim your prize, the winning ‘code’ that you receive by email must be written on the special contest card and presented to the Tuber Towing driver at the time of service. One entry per IP address. Multiple entries will send a mirrored discount code. All entries are guaranteed a minimum win of a 5% discount, to a maximum of a ‘FREE TOW’ limited to a $250 value at comparable rates for a tow in the Edmonton Region. Your SPECIAL OFFER code will be generated then sent within 2 hours of signup.

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  1. Angelo Mazzetti

    Count us in for a free tow! We have family out there! Who wouldn’t appreciate this!

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