Need a Tow Truck Tips – Vetting or Vetted

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Part of picking a company is to either decide you trust them, or pick a company that is already ‘trusted.’

Some may see the trust from brand recognition, picking a company that’s been around for a long time and you’re familiar seeing their logo or trucks.  Though in most cases this works, there is the chance that these ‘familiar’ companies have changed ownership recently and have gone down a different path than the one that helped them grow to where they are today.

Another way to know a company has been ‘vetted’ is to look for a Road Club logo on their trucks or their website.

Roadside Clubs like AMA (In Alberta) have strict requirements for them to allow that company to ‘help’ or service their membership.  They require things like;

  • Business License
  • PROPER Towing Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Experience
These are all things you have put your trust and faith in when you have your vehicle towed if the towing company shows this Logo on their equipment and/or website.

Reading online reviews will give you a great indication of the company’s values and effectiveness of the service they provide.

Should you need any advice on selecting a towing company, you can always give Tuber Towing a call, we’ll help you out!