Need a Tow Truck? Tips – The Phone Call #1

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You’ve done your searching online, and picked a towing company. Or so you think…

Give them a call prepared with your location and the service you require, but first you should probably ask some questions.

“How much will this cost?”
This is a question that is most important to many people.  When you ask this question expect a definitive answer, if the person on the other end of the phone stumbles or takes a long pause before answering the question, changes are that this company doesn’t have ‘set’ rates and tends to adjust based on demand.  This could mean that may be overpaying for services, or may have reached a company that isn’t fully focused on providing you the best service they can!

Should you need a boost, tire change, or your doors unlocked the going rate in Edmonton is usually in the $60 to $75 range, there should be no additional mileage or fuel surcharge fees for this service.  Outside the Edmonton City limits you can expect the Towing Company may suggest some mileage charges.  In this case you may want to talk to another company or find one more local to you to avoid these additional charges.

Towing services can be a little more complicated as your breakdown and vehicle may or may not require specific equipment that can impact the price.  For passenger vehicles whether they are AWD or not, you are likely to pay between $70-$110 for the truck to hookup your vehicle, otherwise described as a ‘dispatch fee’.  In addition to that fee you are likely to pay $2.00  to $3.25 per km of the towing distance.

No matter the situation the person answering the phone for the towing company should be able to give you a definitive price as calculating mileage is much easier now a days.

“How can I pay?”
Many companies take cash of course, but if this is their only acceptable method chances are they aren’t reporting this revenue to the government and therefore may not be the best choice.  They should accept credit cards at the least, and best case they’ll accept debit (though this hasn’t quite taken flight in Alberta yet).

Paying cash isn’t a bad thing, it may save you a 2-3% credit card processing fee that is carried by retailers but reputable companies don’t usually pass this on to their customer as it is a cost of doing business and should already be part of setting their rates.

​To be continued…