Embracing the Dirt: Finding Joy in a Messy Situation

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HI HI HI from Tuber Towing, where we believe in finding joy even in unexpected situations. In the Greater Edmonton Region, a temporary water ban has led to the closure of car washes, leaving our vehicles filthy. However, we’ve decided to turn this inconvenience into a chance to highlight dirty cars!  Some of us love clean rides, washing and waxing, while others don’t mind some grime.  With the roads the way they are, and the strange summer weather in winter, it’s just dirt, dirt and more dirt!

The Joy of Embracing the Dirt
In the spirit of making the best out of a challenging situation, we’ve seen some fantastic examples of people embracing the dirt with humor and creativity. From smiley faces drawn on muddy windows to hilarious captions about their “on-road adventures,” our community is turning dirty cars into a source of joy.

Dirty tow truck for the #yegdirtathon

Join the Fun – Win a Wash Card!
Now, it’s your turn to join the fun! We’re giving away wash cards for a free car wash once the water ban is lifted. To enter, simply post a picture of your dirty car on our social media posts and use the hashtag #YEGDirtathon. The more creative, the better! We can’t wait to see your dirty car masterpieces.


The Value of Washing Your Vehicle
While embracing the dirt is all in good fun, there’s a practical side to keeping your vehicle clean. Regular car maintenance is key to vehicle longevity and performance. A clean car isn’t just about aesthetics; it contributes to better fuel efficiency and can prevent damage from dirt and grime.

Thank you for joining us in turning a muddy situation into a source of joy. We appreciate your creativity and look forward to seeing all your dirty car submissions. Get ready to roll into the car wash once the water ban is lifted, courtesy of Tuber Towing!

Participate in the giveaway by posting your dirty rides picture, using #YEGDirtathon. Share the campaign with friends and family to spread the fun and increase your chance to win!

For updated information on water restrictions in the area, check the Epcor Website.