Taylor Berezan - Operations Manager

This guy is an integral part of the Tuber operation.  It’s not that often you find people who has have so much heart and be able to share it in a way that those around him feel like a better person.

Taylor loves spending his time in a truck helping our customers in their time of need.  He is never scared to get his hands dirty and is obviously one of those people who much rather be out and about than stuck behind a desk.  Being well experienced with all of our equipment, he’s the first to offer to help any of Team Tuber when they need an extra hand!

Tuber Taylor Tesla
Everyone needs a Tesla Expert when it comes to Towing. Taylor is ours! Not only is he a complete and utter fan of Tesla's he gets special treats from Tesla owners when he helps them out!

If you want an even more in depth look at what it’s like to drive a tow truck, or work for Tuber Towing, you can follow Taylor on his Instagram.  We are fortunate to have someone so engaged in his work to want to share with the world what he does.  He spends hours  communicating with his followers, so should you have any questions about how or what we do feel free to reach out.

Taylor in Hockey Gear

Taylor’s FAVOURITE pass time is Hockey! Not only is it a great stress reliever it’s also an amazing workout.  When he isn’t with his Son, or his Tuber Family, you’ll find him on a local rink!

Taylor Berezan

When you see a post on our social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the others, from Tuber Towing you know that Taylor was part of it.  He is our Social Media Guru!  Taylor spends countless hours outside of the office capturing, building, and sharing content to keep you informed.

This speaks volumes to his creative mind!  All those decals on our trucks, the logos printed in local media, business cards, all have Taylor’s hands all over them.  He is the creative, he is the design, he is the mind behind the Tuber Towing brand!

Above all, Taylor is a devoted family man there for his baby boy at all times of day.  Operating a 24 hour business can take tole on ones personal life, but Taylor has control there, spending as much time as he can with his Family, as well as his Tuber Family!

Taylor with Kittens

Taylor’s Primary role at Tuber is engagement with the team.  He is the one you go to for anything.  He is a great trainer and focus’ on the people.  Helping keep everyone in check and pointed in the right direction is Taylor’s specialty! 

Want to work for Tuber?  Taylor is one to impress with your knowledge and commitment!

Taylor Brings the "TUBER" while his business partner, Matt Huber brings the "T-UBER"