Matt Huber - General Manager

With over ten years of on road experience between both roll back deck and wrecker, Matt seems to be the go-to-professional should any how-to questions arise out on the road. Staff Sergeant Matty is always a quick phone call or message away. Operators know they can ask him ANYTHING with his on-the-road knowledge he has gained over the years. 

Matt attended Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology to study Automotive Business. Matt’s college studies has immensely helped accelerate Tuber in many ways within the industry.

Matty has worked multiple hard, cold years in both Ontario and Alberta fighting snow storms in both tow trucks, and snow plows. His drive for Canadian winters is what keeps him looking and feeling young at heart. Some days, he forgets how “YOUNG” he is…

Maatt Photo

Matt’s love for cold weather along side the white fluffy stuff is obvious when you’re able to catch a glimpse of his smile he dawns on busy, cold days. The Alberta QEII or AB Highway #2 was known as Matt’s playground whenever a snowmageddon type of snowpocalypse was to show it’s face! He would be the first to the yard to clear the snow and warm all the tow units before the rest of the fleet would show up for their day of strenuous work. Once the trucks were prepared for their day, zipping up & down the highway, stopping at EVERY stranded motorist is where you will find him! #CustomerService at its finest!

Favorite Super Hero:

Bat Man

(He thinks he is Bat Man of the automotive world in his own mind)

Matt is the KING of Tuber’s HR, payroll and number reporting departments. His drive for digesting numbers and spitting out beautiful pivot tables helps Tuber stay above the competition all year ’round. 

What is a Pivot table you ask? That is a question for Mr. Numbers Matt! He will sit you down in front of a white board and coach you through all angles with drawn images until he is blue in the face. His compassion for spreading knowledge within Tuber Towing is exponential to our cultural credo.

Do you see a future working for Tuber Towing? You’d best be on Matt’s good side! I guess, you could work for Tuber, you just might not get paid… He is the genius behind the inner workings of our HR and employee information structure. Without him, we wouldn’t know who to pay let alone when. Without him, we wouldn’t have happy staff!

Matt with cat on hat
Matt the Mechanic

Turning wrenches is one of Matt’s favorite stress relieving pass-time’s. Aside from helping those in need at the roadside, you normally will find him stuck under the hood wrenching on a char black diesel motor, or laying on his rock ‘n’ rollin’ creeper jammin’ to the shop tunes at the top of his lungs. His blood sweat and tears is the secret potion the keeps Tuber Towing’s fleet running in tip top shape while rolling down the road. 

He is also 


Matt with toolbox

Matt Huber brings the "T-UBER" while his business partner, Taylor Brings the "TUBER"