Jessie Boyd - Office Manager

Jessie joined out team in September of 2016. Jessie comes from a dedicated towing background, both managing a dispatch office including a dozen drivers, as well as one of two dispatch supervisors for the province of Alberta, handling all the contractors in many small towns across the province.

She has been a great addition as an organization guru as well as everyones “work mom” taking care of each driver in her own way. Especailly the office boys! No more shoe boxes full of paperwork for this team! Jessie has us covered!

Jessie own the roost in the office as the queen of paperwork! Tuber Towing prides themselves on being green, dealing with as little paper as possible. Unfortunately, Jessie still deals with handful’s of paper receipts from the daily purchases. They are filed away into the PERFECT respective folder which enables her to find the exact slip when the time comes!

As well as the paperwork queen, Jessie is number one at having a tow truck wranglin’ good time! She can have a screen full of ​desperate humans needing reduces, and can get the right truck to the right breakdown, without batting an eyelash!

jessie with kitten

Jessie has grown to be the Queen of the office in ALL aspects of the word! DO NOT try and sell something to one of the Tuber boss men! She can sniff out the true friends and the sleazy sales folk! She puts up a GREAT line of defense blocking ALL attempts to annoy the busy owners! 

Jessie Photo

Tuber Towing has been widely known for the public Tuber Kitten Cam back in August of 2017.  Jessie not only plays Mom to our handful of drivers, but also took on the roll of Mother Kitten when our Mama cat was taken away. Jessie sprung into action, buying kitten formula, feeding six energetic kittens every three hours all through the night. Needless to say, Jessie’s family was certainly excited to have kittens living with them full time! Everyone except her significant other…

Jessie had grown a special bond with her kitten family! When it came down to finding prospective families for her cuddly fluff balls, Jessie had the final say. She would conduct lengthy interviews with each potential family. After learning as much their could be to learn, she would explain to them which young purr’r would be best for their household. Some were interested in hunting kitties, some interested in one-on-one cuddle time! 

Unfortunately Jessie herself, was not able to adopt a  kitten as her own due to the an allergy in the household. Tuber kept one of the six kittens ontop of the Mother and Father cat as the Tuber cat family. Every morning, Jessie and our crew of drivers would come in and spend time with each Tuber family kitty, reminding them how much they were loved!

jessie with cats in pink

Jessie is a woman of MANY cards! She is our Bodyguard, Kitty Loving Mama, Administration Guru, Office Managing, Tow truck wrangling kinda chick. DO NOT mess with miss Jessie B. She bites! ...HARD