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What radio station do you listen to?

It’s been said in a couple different study’s that 102.3 NOW! Radio is one of the most listened to stations in Edmonton.  We at Tuber honestly aren’t surprised as they definitely have the warmest feeling.  The hosts are their own, there’s no ‘silly’ radio voices, and their personalities are present 100% of the time.

Adam McKale and the AMAZING Rachel Day are the most heard in our trucks, followed by Rob and Joelle.  With an honorable mention of FITZY (even though he’s leaving us and already off their page nav ~sadface~).

Not that we are trying to #Advertise, we show support where it is earned!  A huge shoutout to ALL the staff @nowradio and we look forward to helping NOW! Family member’s when they are in need!

FITZY We’ll Miss you!

Even if you favor Country, we recommend you switch to NOW! every once in a while to hear the conversation or to get a different mix of music.  Their playlist can be considered over played at times, but really, with the NOW WOWs and the awesome hosts, we find that we turn down for the music but up for the hosts!


They even do silly things and put them on the interwebs for us all to view, haha RACHAEL!